Witches Herbal Apothecary Boxes
‘A journey through magical herbalism’

Through our monthly boxes, we will share our life long passion for herbs and their abilities to change our lives both medicinally and magically. Ancient cultures have used plants for centuries and it’s not only the flavours, uses and benefits which are enthralling but also the history behind them. Take a journey with us through the ages.

Each and every month we create 3 new herbal blends from the following categories – 

Flavours from around the World

Every month we will take you on a journey to a different place blending herbs used there today as part of everyday life. From China to South America and Africa to Iceland.

Magical Function of the Month

Our speciality is the creation of blends to help people with issues in their life. Whether it be to cure depression and anxiety or to remove negative energies or protect, we will be working on new and exiting uses for our teas ritually.

Ancient Cultural Recipes

Magic comes from the ancient world and the old ways are still being relearnt by many of us today. Our Ancient blends will come from Aztec, Native American, Celtic, Egyptian and many other cultures.

What’s in your box?

Each box will contain 1 oz of each tea, enough cotton drawstring bags to get you through the month along with a wooden measuring spoon. You will also receive a detailed printed guide to each tea, the herbs used, magical properties and the history behind their uses.

We can’t wait to share with you.
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Botanical Magic is brought into your life through our Witches Tea.

Using our years of experience in Wicca and Witchcraft, and our knowledge of powerful sacred plants, we bring to you Witches Tea.

They are quite simply a Ritual in a Cup.

Our Coven has started to create a blend of Witches Tea from the Root, Flower, Bark, Berry and Stem of rare and powerful plants. It has taken many years of experience and knowledge handed down from our Sister’s before us to bring these items to you.


Our handcrafted teas can help you with anything from protection to abundance. All teas are made to order and are used by you as part of a ritual.


As a Coven, we also provide a bespoke service where we will create an infusion to aid you in any area of your life. What do you need guidance with?


Once purchased you will receive a confirmation email, We will then craft your blend and send it to you with the written ritual.


The reasons we want to lose weight vary from person to person. Whatever the reason Burn calories Not Witches is there to make sure you do this in a healthy way. This tea will not only burn fat and speed up your metabolism, but also manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels whilst making you feel great. Our Coven will also cast one of our popular weight loss spells upon the herbs helping you shift those stubborn pounds!


Rose Petals