Who are Witches tea?

Witches Tea is a Small Family run business run by Emerald & Willow! Yes there are only two of us! Witches tea is not a business to us its a lifestyle, we work extremely hard to spread our love and wisdom to help heal people with herbs. Everything we do and have done has been created through Love and Passion.


How long does shipping take?

Our Turn over time could take up to 14. All blends are blessed to order we do aim to get with you sooner than 14 days but if it’s a little longer it just because we are busier than normal!. With Sabbat items there will be a cut off date please see this on the items page.¬† Thank you for your patience Sisters. Things like this can really affect small businesses. Blessed be xx

Due to relocating there might be some slight delays in orders! If your ordered is delayed we will offer you a Voucher or Free Tarot Reading of your choice. Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

Personalised Diet Plans times – Depending on how busy we are theses can take 2-4 weeks as they as it is a Bespoke Service.

You just cant rush magic )0(

Bespoke Candles

Candles are hand crafted and may take around 2-4 weeks. This have to take time to set and have to be made with care.

Do I need to know anything about Witchcraft?

Not at all. Herbs are on our Mother Earth to aid and look after us all. Whether you follow a similar path or not Witches Tea are happy to share our energy and blends with everyone.


Sabbat boxes and Payment plans

All Sabbat boxes will have a cut off date so please check this before ordering to make sure you get it in time. We do offer payment plans on larger boxes only. Once the first payment is made this makes it non  refundable. For more information to get a payment plan please contact us Emerald@witchestea.onmicrosoft.com

If I am taking medication are these blends safe to take?

As with anything you put in your body, it is important to check that it is safe for you. We have made sure that we have chosen herbs that react least with common forms of modern medication. If you have any queries at all with your own situation please message us by clicking the envelope button or contact us through Facebook or Instagram and we will get straight back to you. And consult your Doctor.

What is the best way to contact Witches tea?

The best way to contact us is via our Facebook page Witches Tea, Email Emeraldwitchestea@gmail.com or Whats app us at 07399293308

Please bare in mind there is only two of us so if we do not get back to you right away do not worry we will get round to you.


New Email Alert!

Yes we have New Emails! Emeraldwitchestea@gmail.com or Willowwitchestea@gmail.com