Personalised Magickal Pet Collars


Witchy Pet Collars Crafted Just for Your Beloved Companion

Elevate your pet’s style and well-being with our personalised witchy pet collars—an enchanting and thoughtful gift for your furry familiars.

We understand the unique bond between you and your pets, and that’s why we’ve designed collars that go beyond. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also serve as a source of protection and good health, blessed by the energies of Emerald and Willow )0(

How do we make it unique to your pet?

Upon completing your purchase, delve into the magical journey of personalisation. Simply answer a few questions in the order comment box.

Each collar comes adorned with a special crystal and personalised charm, chosen with care to enhance the mystical connection.

Fail to provide answers? Fear not! Your pet’s collar will still be a magical surprise, as we’ll infuse it with random blessings.

After crafting, your pet’s collar will be ceremoniously blessed and swiftly dispatched to join your magical household. Elevate your pet’s presence with a touch of mysticism and love—because every pet deserves a spellbinding accessory.


Please answer the following questions

Pet’s Name:


Pet’s Birthdate or Adoption Date:

If known

Pet’s Gender:


Favorite Colours:


Pet’s Energy or Personality Traits:


Any Specific Health Concerns:


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