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Burn Calories Not Witches


The reasons we want to lose weight vary from person to person. Whatever the reason Burn calories Not Witches is there to help you do this in a healthy way. This tea will not only aid in burning fat and speeding up your metabolism, but also help you to manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels whilst making you feel great. Our Coven will also cast one of our popular spells upon the herbs helping you to focus on treating yourself with love and care,


Rose Petals


Helps to burn fat more effectively
Reduces cravings
Speed up your Metabolism

This tea in no way is a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, exercise when you can and love yourself.


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10 reviews for Burn Calories Not Witches

  1. Sandi (verified owner)

    I bought the Burn Calories Not Witches tea. It tastes very good, and I will buy it again just for flavor. I’ll update you on weight lost, but I feel less hungry already. Thank you for such a nice product.
    Blessed Be

  2. Alison travelers

    Well I’m impressed (with myself and the tea!) I had my first cup on monday, I work evenings in a supermarket so it can be hard to be good, well I went to work and couldn’t even face the sweetie aisle! I havent been able to eat anything naughty at all, just about to have my second cup. Highly recommend this tea, thank you very much 🙏

  3. Joanna O’Neil

    Got this recently, lovely taste, haven’t weighed myself yet but you can see I’ve lost weight 😀

  4. Betty

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BLEND! It is my favourite blend ever iv brought weight loss tea upon weight loss tea and nothing has ever worked or taste nice! This one i would buy just for the taste and it has all suppressed my appetite, I do not crave snack in between meals and also found i have more energy! You can see the results! I have not weighed myself in a number of years and i cannot bare what to see but after a Month of taking this im excited to!

  5. Louise Price

    Just ordered my third pack of 20! Love the taste and results are amazing thank you for your service.

  6. Lucy Parkins

    I have one of theses in the morning with my lunch and if im feeling peckish instead of snacking it is really helping iv only been using it for around 8 days but i already see the different.
    I like that it was fast delivery and comes with a guide and chart.

  7. Mildred homes (verified owner)

    Best blend I’ve ever had! Works wonders makes me feel great.

  8. Charlee (verified owner)

    I have tried so many diets, pills, teas etc for weight loss and nothing seems to help. My husband and I had to postpone our honeymoon due to lockdown and I started comfort eating and ended up piling on the weight which caused me to spiral into depression.
    Had my first tea yesterday evening before bed. Today I haven’t craved anything sweet and that’s a miracle because I have a massive sweet tooth.
    This tea smells and tastes absolutely wonderful.
    I will definitely buy another pack of 20 when I’m coming to an end. Will definitely keep you updated on the weight loss part too. Thank you so much and blessed be.

  9. Carole (verified owner)

    Struggled to loose weight for years, so I thought I’d give this a try, Been drinking this tea for one week and I have lost 3lb I have depression and I comfort eat, but I havent wanted as many snacks and iv had smaller meals. I just dont feel hungry. Here’s hoping it continues. X

  10. Beverley (verified owner)

    Burn calories not witches tea came yesterday just had my second cup taste and smell is wonderful best tea I have had.
    Will be purchasing more and trying other teas

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