Deluxe Samhain Ritual And Celebration Box


Join us this Samhain with our Deluxe Ritual & Celebration Box to Connect with your Ancestors and Manifest your intentions for the year to come.

This year we have put together a detailed guide to celebrate Samhain. Step by step you will be taken through the following areas –

  • The History of the Sabbat
  • How to protect yourself at this time when the veil is thin
  • The Ritual
  • How to invite contact from your Ancestors
  • Celebration Ideas

The box will contain the following items to be used as part of your Ritual and Celebration with others for you to use in your future workings.

  • Handmade Wooden Ritual Cup, Fire Emblazoned with Spell Runes.
  • Samhain Divination Tea with Cotton Drawstring Tea Bags and Measuring Spoon
  • Hand Carved Willow Wand, Burnt with Spell  Runes and Blessed by us.
  • Large Obsidian Crystal
  • Large Smokey Quartz Faceted Divination Pendulum
  • Pendulum Board, designed by Emerald to commune with your Ancestors and ask questions
  • Large Handmade Ritual Candle
  • Homemade Patchouli Ritual Incense
  • Detailed Ritual Guide, written by Willow

You can see the Ritual being performed in the pictures to the left and some of the items included. Whether you are a seasoned Witch or new to the craft you will find this a powerful way to

Shipping Costs are Included in the Price.

Order before 25th October to guarantee delivery in time.
Non UK Customers should order before 21st October.

More items to be featured than displayed in photos.

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