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Emerald’s Home Grown Green Tea

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It has taken over 3 years for the plants to mature. The leaves have been harvested, blessed and dried. Now this lovingly nurtured batch is ready to be shared with you all.

The highest quality plants have been fed with the energy of the Moon and watered with Moon Water saved from each Full Moon of the last 3 years.

Energy- Luna
Element – Water
Magical Benefits – Healing, Longevity, Love, Luck and Progress

If you love Green Tea and need these Energies or connect with these elements or benefits, don’t wait, get yours whilst you can. It could be another year until the next batch.

Only 30 Pouches Available.

29 in stock


3 reviews for Emerald’s Home Grown Green Tea

  1. Sandra Hanley (verified owner)

    Absolutely THE most delicious, smooth and tasty green tea I have ever had! Supermarket/mass produced green tea always seems to have a bitterness to it, no matter how you make it, but this is almost sweet in flavour…even with the bag left in! It’s so smooth and pleasant to drink I already know I am going to need a second pack!

  2. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Wow, a smooth and delightful taste. What a beautiful treat in a cup!
    Thank you Emerald, I can finally enjoy green tea again.
    Even with the tea bag steeped for 10 mins the taste doesn’t get worse, it gets better. Truly thankful!

  3. Joanna D. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this tea. It is so smooth and pleasant, and leaves you feeling invigorated. It tastes so amazing, and store-bought green teas simply do not compare. I hope there will be more of this tea available in the future!

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