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Hex and Curse Removal Candle


Hex’s, Curses or Psychic Attacks are powerful negative forces that have been directed towards you by another person. The energy released when burning this candle will work to reflect the energy back to where it originated from. It will also effectively bind the person who has directed this negative intention into your life so they can harm you no more. By using the magic of herbs and fire your life will return to balance.


2 reviews for Hex and Curse Removal Candle

  1. Mary jo

    The Candles in tea cups are beautiful 💛

  2. Jeanne (verified owner)

    I love my cup. I didn’t recieve a saucer. No worries thoigh. The day I recieved the candle I lit it. I truly feel that any negative things surrounding me have been lifted. Thank you for this lovely candle and tea cup. I can’t wait to use the cup for some herbal teas.💖

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