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Hex and Curse Removal Potion


If a Hex or a Curse is haunting you it can make it very difficult to succeed in your life. For people who do not believe in the supernatural, it is common to go through extremely long periods of time before realising a hidden force was working against them.

The power of the hex, jinx or curse lies in the flow of negative energy that has its path worn into you. Our powerful herbal magic will break this flow, remove the negative energy and replace it with love and light.

You should take one cup per day before bed whilst focusing on your life free from worry.




Reverses the flow of negative energy back to where it came from
Imparts wisdom
Cleanses and heals the soul


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4 reviews for Hex and Curse Removal Potion

  1. Fran W

    Delicious and purposeful!! Excellent quality, I highly recommend.

  2. Catherine Oldham (verified owner)

    Already starting to feel lighter in my spirit. Thank you

  3. Joanna D (verified owner)

    I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted, and that I have overall been less stressed out and affected by negativity. Things did feel a bit ‘shaken up’ and uneasy at the start of the ritual, but it improved greatly a few days in. I really do feel lighter and more carefree, and the tea was delicious and of exceptional quality as well. Thank you kindly for all your hard work, Willow and Emerald!

  4. Sonia (verified owner)

    I’m only on my second mug of tea tonight – started taking it last night (full moon). It tastes lovely. A bit of a peppermint taste to it. Today was a difficult day so not sure if the tea is bringing things out to clear the negative energy around me. I’m hoping that life will get easier once I’ve cleared out the negative energy.

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