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Lammas Harvest Tea


During our Lammas Ritual on 1st of August we will bless the herbs we have blended for our Tea of the First Harvest.

The theme of Lammas is gratitude for the bounty we are given by nature. Without this true happiness cannot be attained. We have blended herbs that will help you to connect with the Earth Mother Goddess at this time. We hope you all enjoy, the benefits and reasons for our choosing are listed below.

  • Mugwort has been used by Ancient Cultures around the world for centuries to connect us with the Divine. It is for this reason we have included it in this blend along with it’s beautiful calming effect.
  • Hawthorn symbolizes hope and is medicine for the heart on all levels. Known in Ireland as the Fairy Tree we have used its leaves for their healing benefits.
  • Yarrow – Yarrow has taken on different meanings and symbolism throughout the centuries. It’s been known to be a herb that casts away evil spells and hexes. We use it in this blend for it’s protective qualities for the waning year ahead.
  • Spearmint – A herb close to the Druids, mint is known for its healing and protection powers. During Lammas, mint was used to attract abundance into one’s life. One of the best ways to use mint during Lammas is during a tea ritual. This is a great way to honour your body and bless it with seasonal health.

Every person who purchases a blend is entitled to a FREE Lammas Reading. If you would like a reading please type the following details into the ‘order comments’ box when you check out and we will contact you to make the arrangements.

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We hope you enjoy your Lammas celebrations and our Magical Blend.


2 reviews for Lammas Harvest Tea

  1. laila (verified owner)

    Very good 😊

  2. Jo Lovegrove

    I am honestly in love with this infusion.
    The taste is amazing especially as I prefer the taste of spearmint to mint but it’s true magic lies in the wonderful effects I have experienced in just a few days of drinking this before going to bed.
    I was diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome after two years of excruciating pain. Nothing I have tried helps and my sleep is broken due to pain every time I move.
    This tea has honestly given me relief and better sleep. I’m so impressed with the quality and love that goes in to these blends I will be trying more.
    The reading I received was very meaningful and such a wonderful bonus.
    Blessed Be Sister’s and thank you again for your incredible products and service.

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