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Menopausal Potion


We have crafted this potion by request from a number of our most valued customers and friends of the Coven. We have chosen parts of plants to medicinally combat the main symptoms of the menopause Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Insomnia and Weight Gain.

With the blessings of the Goddess a cup of this infusion will ease your way through the change that all women must go though.


Valerian Root
Liquorice Root


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5 reviews for Menopausal Potion

  1. Maria T

    Fast delivery has really help me with my hot flushes i no longer wake up in the night xx

  2. Gail Edward (verified owner)

    I Purchased the menopause tea, for well the obvious!
    It’s easy to do, it has a really nice taste, & the smell had my cat “smudge” come over & literally try to get in my cup!??
    I did take the teabag out & gave her it , she rubbed her head all over the tea??
    Anyway highly recommend this, nothing to lose & everything to gain . ❤️
    Blessed be xx

  3. Rosie (verified owner)

    Fantastic, only had a couple but I am addicted already, will see if it calms the menopause symtoms

  4. Diane Mills

    For my first ever tea from you I choose Broom fuel, and I am so pleased I did. Not only is it very pleasant to drink, it fills me with positivity for the day ahead. I was worryingly failing in word recall and clarity in thoughts, joint pains seem to ease and my morning cup suppresses hunger throughout the day. I am so pleased with my purchase that I am ordering 2 weeks in advance to ensure I don’t run out. Thank you Willow and Emerald X

  5. Mandy

    Valerian is a variety of cat nip… Hence the cat comments..

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