Mountain Shadow New Moon Blend


Here we have Our New Mountain Shadow New moon Blend!

This blend is specially made & blessed on the New Moon on the 6th September because we can only make this once a year there is limited stock.

This magical blend has many different magical & health benefits from Sleep aid to Healing.

The Herbs include the following:

  • Valerian Root- Valerian root other known as all-heal is natures natural sedative it helps you fall and stay in a deep slumber sleep giving your body the full rest it needs while it magical powers are to protect you and help control anxiety.
  • Spearmint- We have used spearmint in this blend not only to give it a beautiful¬† flavour¬† but for its healing powers, This herb helps you with mental powers and also is known to reduce unwanted facial hair on women.
  • Heather- This is one of our favourite herbs not only does it help sleep aid, Detox’s the Kidney’s & Bladder but it it known for its magical power of helping attract Luck into your life after just one cup.
  • Passion Flower- Last but not least we have the beautiful Passion flower to not only help you with Pain Relief, Sleep and Brain Function but also help bring peace in your life but helping cleanse your aura.

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