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The Wise Women’s Hot Cacao & Maca


We cannot tell you how excited we are to share with our first ever Hot Chocolate Blend. It is Rich, Velvety and Full of Nutrients, everything you would expect from a quality handmade Cacao.  It’s balanced flavour of Chocolate dances with the Cacao and the Nutty, Butterscotch flavour of the Maca.

Though small in size Cacao Nibs are loaded with nutrients which is why they’re often used as a healthy alternative to chocolate chips (and they’re low in sugar!). It is no wonder they are known as the ‘Food of the Goddess’.

The Maca Root is filled with Minerals and Vitamins.  It’s Adaptogen properties balance stress and hormones whilst giving you a welcome boost of energy.

We have blessed these herbs with the energy of the Goddess to bring you Good Fortune and Abundance in the year to come.


Magnesium: Important for muscle and nerve function.
Iron: Essential for oxygen transport in the blood.
Potassium: Helps regulate blood pressure.
Calcium: Important for bone health.
Phosphorus: Plays a role in bone and teeth formation.
Zinc: Involved in immune function.
Copper: Aids in the absorption of iron.
Cacao is also a good source of antioxidants, particularly flavonoids.

Maca is a root vegetable that is often dried and ground into a powder. It is known for its potential adaptogenic properties and is considered a good source of various vitamins and minerals. Some of the nutrients found in maca include:

Vitamin C: Important for immune function.
Vitamin B6: Involved in brain development and function.
Copper: Supports the formation of red blood cells.
Iron: Essential for oxygen transport.
Potassium: Helps regulate fluid balance.
Manganese: Plays a role in bone formation and blood clotting.


  1. Depending on how rich you like it. Take 1 – 2 teaspoons of our Wise Woman’s Cacao & Maca powder.
  2. Vigorously whisk into cold milk with a drizzle of honey.
  3. Warm the hot mixture on the stove, whisk continuously and you’re ready.

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13 reviews for The Wise Women’s Hot Cacao & Maca

  1. Angie Campbell

    Had this for the first time today. It is LUSH, calming, comforting, just lovely.

  2. Carrie-Anne

    Absolutely delicious! I mixed it with ashwaganda root powder, oat milk and honey so calming. Drank by fire pit with my little wildlings for the perfect evening. Thank you

  3. Nicole (verified owner)

    Love this blend it so light and smooth and tastes amazing, perfect to drink on a evening.
    Thank you x

  4. Anna (verified owner)

    This hot chocolate is like a cuddle in a mug! It tastes amazing and the slow boost of energy is definitely noticeable. Great for a mid-afternoon drink when you get the post lunch slump. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  5. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Just received in the mail , decided to make a cup. It is so silky and smooth and calming. The taste is absolutely amazing. Will definitely be buying more very soon.

  6. Phoenix Sapphire Wren. (verified owner)

    Mmmmmmmm. What a lovely comforting drink! Just had my first one and it’s delicious. Definitely a hug in a mug. Freezing outside and I’m warm and toasty inside with my Wise woman’s Hot Cacao & Maca blend. ????

  7. Phoenix Sapphire Wren. (verified owner)

    Mmmmmmmmm. I’ve just had my first drink of The Wise Women’s Hot Cacao & Maca blend. It’s really delicious and calming. Definitely a hug in a mug. It’s freezing outside and I’m all warm and toasty in my living room. ????

  8. Victoria (verified owner)

    Ordered some of this before Xmas & it’s like a cuddle in a cup. Better than any hot chocolate & the fact it’s made with intent & comes with a sprinkle of magic is enough to ease & warm any soul! Soooooo Good! Have many of your teas too which are equally fabulous & love the fact I can match them to the moment x

  9. Nneka

    This is my new favourite hot chocolate. It’s so smooth and the flavour has amazing depth. I can’t recommend it enough!

  10. Phoenix Sapphire Wren. (verified owner)

    This hot chocolate has to be the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s so smooth and like liquid velvet. It’s the most comforting indulgence in a mug. I highly recommend this beautiful blend to all our Coven. Five Star ?????

  11. Laurie (verified owner)

    This cocoa is smooth, rich and creamy. It’s a lovely treat and it’s nice knowing it’s on the healthier side.

  12. Earth Punk Mama (verified owner)

    Possibly my favourite cacao experience yet! I enjoy this with oat milk and maple syrup, it’s comforting and yet uplifting all at once. Earthy and passionate too. I tend to make myself some of this as an act of kindness and selfcare to myself to give a little boost to my study sessions. The Maca really comes into its own when focus is needed an absolute life saver…

  13. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I have never had Chocolate taste so smooth all the way till the final sip.
    Not just amazing on its own but using the right amount with coffee, Lush!
    Beautifully balanced Amazing flavor!

    With love xox


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