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Past Life Therapy Tea


Past life regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing a person’s past lives or incarnations.

If you suffer from health conditions such as anxiety or stress, you may consider past life regression therapy to help you overcome the symptoms. We all have fears, or even interests, that we can not explain. Past life regressions can offer insight, with love and support, which will help you understand and resolve any unexplainable or irrational reactions.

For some of you, you might just wanted to find out more about your soul and what you have been through and done in the past.

We have worked for over 2 1/2 years creating the perfect blend for this, This works by drinking our blend before bed by doing this it helps puts you in a calm state & strengthens your intuition while helping you Receive Psychic Messages and Astral Travel.

We would advice to write down your dreams after doing this, this will help you add the dots together and finding out more.

We will also be sending you a FREE Crystal for you to put next to your bed or under your pillow.



Valerian root

Heather Flowers




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1 review for Past Life Therapy Tea

  1. Ellis Louise Green

    I would 100% Recommend this tea. I took part in testing the different blends for Witches Tea and this is one powerful blend. It really has helped me understand my ways more and has opened me up. The dreams you have while dreaming this are so vivid and it is a beautiful journey to have with yourself.

    thank you so much for choosing me to help with your research. BB

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