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We have worked for over 2 years to perfect this life-changing blend. We have included parts of some of the most wonderful plants from around the world for your benefit. Through their magical and medicinal properties, we bind the powers of mother nature to treat and relieve the feelings which can make life unbearable for us who suffer from these conditions. This tea should be taken once per day in the mornings and again after lunch to keep your feelings positive and balanced.

The star herb in this blend is Tulsi, Within Ayurveda, Tulsi is known as “The Incomparable One,” “Mother Medicine of Nature” and “The Queen of Herbs,” and is revered as an “elixir of life” that is without equal for both its medicinal and spiritual properties. When blended with its 3 friends, each with their own powers, this tea can change your life.

Anyone who feels stress should try this amazing blend.


Gotu Kola


Contains the most powerful adaptogens to naturally fight depression, anxiety and stress
Drives out unwanted energies
Invites in positivity

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17 reviews for ReLeaf Tea

  1. Carol (verified owner)

    Hello Everybody!!!

    I’ve found your IG profile randomly, and it caught my attention, I’m a tea enthusiast!
    First I bought the Anxiety and Depression blend AMAZING!!!
    Everything, from the packing to the product itself! It was so effective that boyfriend who’s an atheist was asking if I took the tea…
    Then I ordered two blends, the aura cleansing and the 3rd eye one in a special deal (I still have to review them on my IG profile.
    Anyways, if I could I would only the teas you guys make, it beats all the others, it’s simply the best on the market!
    Thank everybody in putting so much effort and a little bit of yourselves on this!
    Blessed Be!

  2. Lynne (verified owner)

    Amazing tea beautiful taste and aroma! Have felt more relaxed and less stressed since drinking this tea. Wonderful ??

  3. Sandra Carter

    Lovely tea both taste and aroma. Helped me a lot, find I sleep better and feel much more relaxed

  4. Michelle Lane (verified owner)

    My son who is autistic loves his anxiety tea. He is really funny with the taste of things but he really likes it. He has difficulties going to school but this tea is really helping to be calm. He has one to go to bed too.
    Thanks and Blessings x

  5. Erica Nielsen (verified owner)

    I bought this tea for a friend who deals with a lot of seasonal depression. So far she says she loves it and it has amazing flavor. I passed on the website so she can continue to order more.

  6. Sandra Hanley (verified owner)

    Just finished my 20 rituals in a cup having 2 cups a day as directed and I can definitely say there is a difference in my mood (despite Mercury Retrograde!)
    I was feeling particularly down when I started this tea; lots of things getting to me after a stressful weekend, seasonal depression, Mercury Retrograde AND it was Monday. I set my intentions and prepared my first cup. The aroma that wafted up from the brewing tea was…DELIGHTFUL! It literally lifted my mood and my attitude at the first smell and I couldn’t wait to drink the whole cup (but I did cos it was HOT!) I repeated this process after lunch despite still feeling a lot more chipper after the first brew and made it through a rather dreary Monday with a much more “can do” attitude. Since then I have looked forward to my morning cup of cheer first thing every day as it definitely revives me and does away with the feeling of dread I feel about getting up and doing the school run. Talking of the school run, I switched to having my second cup shortly before leaving for this to calm the anxiety and dread I suffer around this time…oh yes, it’s a win then too!!! I’m definitely coming back for more and recommending it to friends who have issues with depression and anxiety. Another 5 stars for Emerald and Willow, keep up the amazing work!!! Brightest blessings ???

  7. Isabel O’Neill (verified owner)

    Definitely helping, feel calmer, less stressed and healthier for drinking your lovely tea. Would recommend trying for one packet at least.

  8. Deborah Gosling (verified owner)

    I can honestly say that I enjoy all the teas I have purchased from Willow and Emerald..this tea for anxiety and depression keeps me on a level..the ritual of making the tea and actually setting the intention as I do it makes it even more beneficial. I have since stopped taking St John’s Wort and now rely on this amazing tea to keep me upbeat and relaxed at the same time.

  9. Jilly (verified owner)

    I love this tea!
    Just going through the ritual of brewing, waiting and making intentions has helped me to focus.
    I feel calmer and less anxious and would recommend this.

  10. Julie (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing tea exactly what it says, has also helped my daughter. Highly recommend.

  11. Natalie (verified owner)

    Amazing tea. It tastes great, really earthy, helping to ground and be in the moment, it smells divine, and it really really works. I don’t know how, but as an anxiety sufferer, I can vouch for this. Just all round fantastic tea. Thank you so much.

  12. Rachael

    I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for over 15 years I found this tea so calming like a little cup of happiness and tasted lovely too

  13. Nicole (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend this tea to anyone who suffers with anxiety, just the ritual of preparing it is satisfying. The smell it’s self is calming and relaxing and you definitely feel that way after one cup.

  14. Emma (verified owner)

    A beautiful blend. Very calming and soothing, and tastes great. Would highly recommend.

  15. Emma (verified owner)

    A beautiful blend. Really calming and soothing, and tastes great. Would highly recommend.

  16. Gemz Coombs (verified owner)

    I use so many of your teas. I invited a sister round (she brought her own infuser!) And I shared this blend. It’s truly magic in how quickly it infuses your mind with what I describe as serenity. I keep coming back for more of this blend.

  17. Rebecca (verified owner)

    A beautiful smooth flavor.
    The benefits were almost immediate!
    I felt a warm rush throughout my body, the congestion from a little winter cold I had cleared up the next day!
    Impressed by the balance of ingredients to work so quickly providing the real value of this recipe!

    Thank you so much!

    Rebecca xoox

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