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Samhain Divination and Protection Tea


For Samhain this year we have decided to  treat everyone to an amazing Herbal Blend that optimises this most magical and powerful time of year.

Flavours of the start of winter blend with rich pumpkin spice and sweeter herbal notes.

At Samhain the psychic atmosphere is extremely favourable for divination. This should be done on a personal level. The blend we have created is designed to help you connect and commune with your ancestors whilst providing you with protection from negative forces.

Our Divination and Protection blend takes on the spirit and flavours of the season. We have expertly blended the following herbs for their individual and group effects –

Mugwort – Lucid Dreaming, Visions, Opening of the 3rd Eye

Cinnamon – Divination, Increased Psychic Awareness

Clove – Drives away negative energies

Sage – Carrying respect, prayers, and energy between the realms of spirit and physical

Rose – Powerful for protection spells AND for ancestor work, particularly with communication.


We recommend drinking your infusion one hour before attempting your divination to commune with your ancestors and ask for their help, guidance and protection. Why not share with your friends at your Samhain celebrations.

Please allow 2 weeks for your tea to arrive.

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1 review for Samhain Divination and Protection Tea

  1. Amy rally (store manager)

    This arrived last week I’m saving it for Samhain but I had to try a little cup I was so excited! And oh my it just taste of autumn it gives me that warm cosy feeling from getting out the cold and sticking a brew on it taste of spiced pumpkin. I use the bag around to wipe the sides and my door frames for protection as you mention in your ritual guide and my house smells great. Thank you so much witches tea.

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