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Witches Tea Secret Society

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Brightest Blessings Sister,

You are invited to join the Witches Tea Secret Society & Coven. We have been working on this idea for nearly a year now and are excited to be able to finally share with you all.

Whether you are new to Witchcraft or have been practising for sometime we hope to help you on your journey using your natural powers to interact with the spiritual world.

As a group we will also be able to use our joint consciousness to be there to support each other and effect change in each others lives if called upon. Whether that be for Healing, Protection or any other reason.

As a Member you will receive the following benefits:

  • Personal notifications of Coven activity and information via WhatsApp
  • A Monthly Tarot Reading from Willow or Emerald
  • Guided Group Sabbat Rituals at Every Sabbat
  • Full Moon Group Intention Setting and Manifestation at every Full Moon
  • Exclusive Offers, Discounts and Secret Herbal Blends
  • Regular Witchy Tips
  • A Spell written by Emerald or Willow to learn each month to build your Book of Shadows
  • Direct contact with Willow & Emerald for any questions or advice needed.
  • On completion of the 1st month you will also receive a Coven Membership Certificate.

There are limited spaces for the membership. The first month will be on a trial basis, after which if you choose to continue we can set you up with a subscription.

Are you ready to join?

Click add to cart to join for the months trial and don’t forget to include your phone number and email address so we can keep in regular contact.

Brightest Blessings

Willow & Emerald



5 reviews for Witches Tea Secret Society

  1. Ann Griffin


  2. Lisa Giles

    My first month and what can i say but thank you! This has really helped me get back on my journey and your both so helpful i get so excited when i see a message on my phone from you cant wait to learn the Mabon Ritual Brightest Blessings Willow & Emerald xxxx

  3. Sandra Steele

    Iv been waiting for something like this for a long time really enjoying it so far thank you!

  4. Julie Adams

    Really glad i signed up its been amazing so far you really do get a lot and im learning so much it feels good to be apart of something. Brightest Blessings.

  5. Karen Bielby

    I’m new to the group but hopefully I will be here to stay ☆☆☆

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