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Witchtox 30 Day Challenge


Welcome to our Witchtox 30 day challenge!

Detox your Body & Mind & Lose Weight with Witchtox

What is a Witchtox?
Witchtox is detox/happiness challenge we have created at Witches tea not only is it designed to help you lose weight it detox’s the body and boosts brain function.

Witches tea Witchtok includes the following:

  • Our best selling Burn Calories Not Witches Blend – 30 Days
  • Burn Calories Not Witches Night – 30 days
  • Downloadable 4-Week Wellness Journey Plan
  • 30 day downloadable Witchtox challenge
  • Downloadable Manifestation work sheet
  • Downloading Standing Yoga sheet
  • Ritual sheet
  • Added to a private Facebook Group for Tips, Weight loss Spells and more! (Optional) Called Burn Calories Not Witches Witches Tea

Burn Calories Not Witches

The reasons we want to lose weight vary from person to person. Whatever the reason Burn calories Not Witches is there to help you do this in a healthy way. This tea can not only aid in burning fat and speeding up your metabolism, but also help you to manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels whilst making you feel great. Our Coven will also cast one of our popular spells upon the herbs helping you to focus on treating yourself with love and care,


Rose Petals


Helps to burn fat more effectively
Reduces cravings
Speed up your Metabolism

This tea in no way is a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, exercise when you can and love yourself.

Burn Calories Not Witches Night

We have finally made the Perfect companion to our Best Selling Blend Burn Calories Not Witches.

After helping hundreds off people and by popular demand it is finally here.

Burn Calories Not Witches Night will not only help your body relax naturally and increase serotonin (the sleep hormone) levels. This is also a powerful drink for weight loss since it acts as a detoxifier that helps eliminate all toxins and thus, reducing weight. This tea also induces your sleep quality, and as you know, more sleep equals fewer cravings.

Roses Petals – The ethyl acetate extracted from the rose petals has shown the best hypnotic effect. The flavonoids and anxiolytic compounds present in the flower induce sound sleep. In fact, it is an old wives tale that rose petals, if consumed before bedtime, can result in sweet dreams too. They are also good for digestion process as it cleanses the intestine as well as relieves constipation.

Hibiscus helps reduce the size of fat cells and is loaded with antioxidants.

Yarrow has been said to be diuretic and is known to help boost metabolism which is why it is highly regarded as a weight loss herb. Yarrow has said to effectively decrease your appetite which leads to less eating.

This red Blend has a tangy cherry tart flavour and should be taken about 30 mins before bed.

Take the 30 day Challenge Now and see for yourself.

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8 reviews for Witchtox 30 Day Challenge

  1. Sharon (verified owner)

    I purchased the Witchtox, not for weight loss, but as a general detox ritual.
    I have been impressed with the blends, both the burn calories not witches blends taste amazing.
    I started sleep better after the second day of drinking a cup of burn calories not witches night before going to bed. And my energy levels improved daily, with the added bonus of going down a dress size to a 10 which is amazing.
    With an easy to follow free download for inspiration you can’t really go wrong.

  2. Cath (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to try this

  3. Chelsea McGinnis

    5/5!! I have lost well over a stone using the 30 day Witchtox and I’m over the moon!
    I followed it for 2 weeks then had a 3 day break for my birthday and then Carried on. I have just purchased Burn calories Not Witches to carry my weight loss on. Thank you

  4. Amethyst Rose (verified owner)

    Wow, amazing products, not only have I lost a stone in weight I am feeling so much better in myself, much calmer around food and not as many cravings and as for sleep, I have been sleeping so much better and waking up refreshed. Amazing I really recommend giving this a try.

  5. Kari Wheeler

    Praise Witches Tea!! Thank you so much Iv got down to my weight for my operation which Iv been waiting year for.

    I must confess I didn’t follow the guide just drank the tea.

    1 in the morning and 1 with lunch for the burn Calories not witches and 1 sleep at night ordering more now!!!!

  6. Carole Fuller

    Burn Calories now Witches is a lovely blend. It tastes delicious and the weight loss is an added bonus!

  7. Beth Coleman

    5/5 Stars! I would give more if I could! From since I was a teenager I always carried extra weight. Iv tried every diet under the sun and found nothing that works for me. I was at my wits end until I saw this and reading the reviews. I have done the Witchtox twice now and lose a total of 2 and half Stone! And all I done was drink the teas! I’m so much more confident and cannot thank you enough for your amazing work. Bonus the blends taste amazing thank you. )0(

  8. Ivy rowan fortuna

    Hello Emerald, I just wanted to message you to say Thank you. For the first time in years I stood on the scales this morning and cried happy tears! I have done your witchtok 3x and carried on drinking BCNW and I have lost just over 3 Stone.The weight lose crystal has also been a great help.
    I have never been so happy, healthy and confident.
    I literally not change my diet at all your blends have helped me with snacking, being less hungry and have definitely fasten my metabolism. Even my doctor said we amazed and said he be ordering some!

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