Yule Mulled Wine Spice Blend of The Oak King


Get into the Festive Spirit of Winter with our Hand Made Magical Blend of Cassia Bark, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Nutmeg, Clove Buds and our Special Allspice! All dried, blended and Blessed by Emerald & Willow.

Adding 1-2 tablespoons of our Mulled Wine Spice Blend, will transform a bottle of red wine into a delicious warming drink; add a little demerara sugar to the wine a long with fresh slices of orange and warm gently (do not boil). If wine isn’t your thing, simply swap wine for red grape juice or pomegranate juice. Alternatively add the spice blend to cider or apple juice to make mulled cider instead, but why stop there? Grind down this spice blend and add to cranberry sauce and chutney or sprinkle into stuffing and cakes. Stir the ground down spice into a mixture of sugar and dust over your mince pies.

Magical & Health Benefits

Cassia – One of the most, if not the most Ancient of Spices. Magically it increases personal and spiritual power along with it’s widely known healing benefits.

Lemon – Lemons are most often used as a cleansing herb. These attributes link to its use as an energetic cleanser and a love herb.  On one hand, it’s often used to attract. On the other, its sour nature also makes it suitable for banishing and repelling.

Orange – Orange peels are associated with the sun, joy and inspiration. For that reason they can help strengthen friendship bonds and relationships. Share with  your friends and loved ones to express the sentiment of blessings, joy, and friendship.

Nutmeg – Share a beverage that contains nutmeg with the one you love, and that will help in having those feelings returned. Nutmeg is a perfect holiday spice in that it can help lessen tensions and conflict that can arise during the winter months due to lack of sunlight.

Clove Buds – These spicy buds are potent magical catalysts. Like many hot herbs, they provide a punch of power and speed. However, unlike some other hot herbs, cloves aren’t usually used for banishing or baneful magic. Magically, these buds attract luck, prosperity, love, and friendship. Infuse them in wine or cider, and they make an aphrodisiac.

We have a limited batch available so order soon to avoid disappointment.

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