Would you like to Learn Witchcraft

Using our years of experience in Wicca and Witchcraft, and our knowledge of powerful sacred plants, we bring to you Witches Tea Coven and Learning Space

With inspiration from the great herbalists of the past, My fiancé Willow and Myself Emerald have created a blend of Witches Tea’s from the Root, Flower, Bark, Berry and Stem of rare and powerful plants. It has taken many years of experience and knowledge handed down from our Brothers Sisters before us to bring this information and knowledge to you.

Our goal is to educate and share our knowledge through our Online Learning Space.

We are a small but passionate team, who aim to give all of our customers and fellow herbalists the best possible experience and share our love for what we do.

You are now invited to join our Witches Tea Coven where you can learn about Witchcraft, Herbalism, and more! Make friends and be involved in our Sabbat Rituals and Monthly Full Moon Rituals. Expand your Knowledge and Power with us.

For just £3 per month you will get all this amazing content with more added each week – 

  • Spell Sharing
  • Ritual Guides for Sabbats
  • Tarot Spreads and tips and ideas for Self Readings.
  • Courses on Witchcraft
  • Book of Shadows Building Tips
  • Downloads available to print
  • Music
  • Celebrating and Learning to tune into the Wheel of the Year
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Moon Magick
  • History of Plant Magick
  • Learn the benefits of herbs and how to work with them
  • Access to private Facebook groups
  • 15% Off Witches Tea for all Patrons
  • Secret Books from our Witches Library
  • + more

If you would like to Learn More or Join just click this link below – 


Brightest blessings

Emerald & Willow )o(