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Tea For Depression & Anxiety


Witches Tea worked for over 2 years creating this perfect  life-changing blend. We have included parts of some of the most wonderful plants from around the world for your benefit. Through their magical and medicinal properties, we bind the powers of mother nature to treat and relieve the feelings which can make life unbearable for us who suffer from these conditions. This tea should be taken once per day in the mornings and again after lunch to keep your feelings positive and balanced.


Gotu Kola
Stinging Nettle


Contains the most powerful adaptogens to naturally fight depression, anxiety and stress
Drives out unwanted energies
Invites in positivity


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3 reviews for Tea For Depression & Anxiety

  1. Carol (verified owner)

    Hello Everybody!!!

    I’ve found your IG profile randomly, and it caught my attention, I’m a tea enthusiast!
    First I bought the Anxiety and Depression blend AMAZING!!!
    Everything, from the packing to the product itself! It was so effective that boyfriend who’s an atheist was asking if I took the tea…
    Then I ordered two blends, the aura cleansing and the 3rd eye one in a special deal (I still have to review them on my IG profile.
    Anyways, if I could I would only the teas you guys make, it beats all the others, it’s simply the best on the market!
    Thank everybody in putting so much effort and a little bit of yourselves on this!
    Blessed Be!

  2. Lynne (verified owner)

    Amazing tea beautiful taste and aroma! Have felt more relaxed and less stressed since drinking this tea. Wonderful 😊😊

  3. Sandra Carter

    Lovely tea both taste and aroma. Helped me a lot, find I sleep better and feel much more relaxed

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